Weaver Motors of Kirbyville


Purchase a new Dodge, Ram, Chrysler or Jeep vehicle from Weaver Motors of Kirbyville between October 1, 2020 and October 1, 2021 and be eligible to win!

The highest placing Weaver’s customer that is eligible for this incentive at each Outlaw Team Series Tournament will win an additional $1,000*
*must finish in the top 10 of the tournament


Skeeter Real Money

Purchase and/or own any new or used Skeeter, powered by Yamaha, from a Skeeter dealer or private party.

$5,000 = FISH AND WIN a Contingency Paying Event using your Skeeter that is 2 years old or less from the original retail registration date, powered by a 225 horsepower Yamaha engine or larger and you will be eligible for $5,000 for a Win*.

$500 = FISH AND WIN a Contingency Paying Event using your Skeeter that is 2 years old or less from the original retail registration date, powered by a 200 hp or less Yamaha and you will be eligible for $500 for a Win*.

*Subject to Rules and Conditions. To be eligible for incentives you must register prior to participating in a Contingency Paying Event.


Triton Gold

Triton Gold offers the opportunity to reel in more cash bonuses than any other tournament contingency program, currently there are over 3000 Triton Gold sanctioned tournaments that offer the opportunity to win your share in over $20,000,000 in potential cash payouts! The lucrative Triton Gold tournament bonus program offers up to $7,000 to Triton Boats owners who win an eligible tournament.


Power Pole Captains Cash

The Captains Cash Club rewards tournament anglers who join the club and win with their Power-Pole® shallow water anchor!That’s right. Get cash rewards for winning sanctioned tournaments with your Power-Pole shallow water anchor! We love winners and we want to reward you for making Power-Pole an important part of your advantage over the competition.

Allstate Insurance – Dylan Williams Agency, Beaumont, TX

Win up to $1,000 per tournament in the Fish and Win Program!  Win up to $3,000 per year!

Farmers Insurance – Landers Agency, Jasper, TX

You’re going to fish anyway, and you need insurance.  You might as well paid extra!

Qualifying anglers can win an additional $200!


Atlas Awards

T-H Marine will award cash prizes to Atlas Awards members who are the winners or highest qualifying finisher of sanctioned events, giving everyone the opportunity to win like the top-level pros!


DD26 Cash Incentive

DD26 offers a cash incentive for their weigh bags, cull balls and fishing rods.  The cool thing about this incentive is you do NOT have to win the tournament.  You simply have to be highest place finisher in one of our tournaments that is signed up for the incentive!  Get in on this offer while there aren’t many people signed up for it!

Caymas Cash

Caymas Cash rewards Caymas anglers who win one of over 1,000 Caymas Silver Level tournaments $7,000! REQUIREMENTS FOR WINNING $7,000 IN CAYMAS CASH SILVER LEVEL EVENTS:·  Winning angler’s Caymas boat may be powered by a Yamaha, Mercury, Evinrude or Suzuki outboard·  Caymas owner must be registered in Caymas Cash prior to the event·  Minimum number of boats entered in Silver Level events for payout: 60


Vexus Rewards

Owning a revolutionary Vexus® design just got even more exciting. That’s because winning one of our REV Rewards™ sanctioned tournaments could get you another check worth up to $10,000! It’s a bonus-sized opportunity on top of the serious quality built into America’s Most Innovative, Total Performance™designs. Check out more details on the full roster of tournaments and rewards, then register to Reward Every Victory* with Vexus® Boats.

Up to $10,000 in an Outlaw Outdoors Sweet Sixteen or Outlaw Outdoors Outlaw Team Series Tournament


Phoenix First Flight

  • Tier Two Eligibility & Payout

Any Phoenix Boat owner who finishes in first place in a Tier Two Tournament will be paid First Flight Tournament Rewards as listed below:

Any Model Year – Boat & Motor

  • $500 Phoenix Boat w/250 HP motor
  • $400 Phoenix Boat w/225 HP motor
  • $300 Phoenix Boat w/200 HP motor
  • $100 Phoenix Boat w/175 HP motor