How can I enter?

  • Pay cash or credit card the morning of the tournament
  • Enter by credit card online ($5 handling fee)

Can I pay with a credit card?

Absolutely!  We accept all major credit cards.

Can I trailer?

Yes, you can launch at any boat ramp on Sam Rayburn Reservoir at any time.

Is there a livewell check?

No, we do not perform formal livewell checks, however; we reserve the right to perform random livewell checks.

Do you polygraph?

Integrity is of utmost importance to us, therefore; we reserve the right to polygraph any contestant. We collect a $5 administrative fee from every team to help offset the cost of a polygraph. Unfortunately, because of the cost of a polygrapher, we cannot have a polygraph performed at every tournament.  We hope to grow to the point that allows us to polygraph at every tournament.

Can I drink alcohol?

No, the use of alcohol or illegal substance is strictly prohibited during tournament hours.

Is there an off limits?

No, there is no off-limits period.

What's the payout?

Payouts will always be specified on tournament flyers.  Our standard payout is to pay one place for every seven entries.

Do you pay big bass?

Yes.  We pay one big bass per tournament, and it must be alive.

How long does it take to pay winners?

Our goal is to pay winners as close to the end of weigh-in as possible, this is usually 5-10 minutes after the close of the scales.  We know you are tired after a long day on the water and want to get home.

Can I have extra people in my boat during the tournament?  (ie my child or wife that is not fishing)

No. We only allow paid contestants in a team's boat during tournament hours, a maximum of two individuals.

Do I have to check in if I'm not weighing fish?

No, it is not necessary to check in with tournament officials if you are choosing not to weigh fish.

Do I have to fish with a partner?

No, you can enter any of our tournaments without a partner.  You will still be required to pay the full entry fee.