Who is eligible to enter The Fall Average Joe Tournament? 

  • A teams combined winnings must be less than $2000 on Lake Sam Rayburn in 2017


Tom & Bob won $2200 in the January Bass Champs on Sam Rayburn and Tom wants to enter The Average Joe Tournament with Jim, we would consider Tom's winnings as $1100.  As long as Jim hasn't won more than $900 on Sam Rayburn in 2017 in an individual tournament or $1800 in a team tournament, they qualify to enter The Average Joe Tournament.

*Money won in Bass Cash Bash does NOT count towards qualification winnings.

How does Outlaw Outdoors determine who is eligible?

With the abundance of information online it will not be difficult to validate a team's winnings.  Bass Champs, Texas Team Trail, Angler's Quest, Media Bass, Patriots, Bass N Bucks, Big Bass Splash and even the small Working Man's Tournaments post their results online now. We have a sufficient amount of resources to determine a team's eligibility.  We realize there is a risk a team that only fishes club tournaments that don't post results could slip in under the radar, but we would hope someone that knows this team would step up and let us know that we need to investigate.  We are going to make every effort possible to ensure that every team is on a level playing field.

Will The Average Joe Tournament become a regular event?

Yes, Outlaw Outdoors produces two(2) Average Joe Tournaments each year on Sam Rayburn - one in the spring and one in the fall.

Are the tournament rules the same as other Outlaw Outdoors Open Team Tournaments?


Can I trailer?

Yes, you can launch at any boat ramp at Lake Sam Rayburn.

 How can I enter?

  • Online by going here.
  • The morning of the tournament, Saturday, September 30, Lakeview Grocery/Motel/RV Park (5896 State Highway 147 Zavalla, Texas  75980) beginning at 5:30AM

What if I enter in advance and then win money on Sam Rayburn that exceeds the limits?

That's no problem.  Just contact us and we will gladly refund your money.

Is this a 3 or a 5 fish stringer tournament? 

This is a 5 fish stringer tournament.